Letting It Hang

This is a hanging squash garden some pals of mine recommended I investigate. They told me it reminded them of my college apartment, the one we called “Club Balls.”

Yes, there were lots of dudes in that place but that’s not why we called it that. We hung dozens of brand-new tennis balls from the ceiling with rubber bands, really to celebrate their bouncy and black-light friendly properties. No we weren’t on drugs! That much.

Anyway, this hanging garden is pretty fresh. After all, to get straight fruits from your zucchinis, cukes and relatives, you gotta let em hang. Or in the case of these squash, uniform bottoms. (I said “uniform bottoms”). How’s my innuendo going?

What I’m not seeing being used in the squash garden is the other benefit to “letting it hang” which is shade. Some of your plants may not thrive in direct sunlight. Why not create a shade of hanging jams to help protect the shade-friendly plants? The fine folks at Gardener’s Supply are doing just that:

See what they’re doing here? Cuke vines crawl up the front, cukes will dangle, and below spinach can grow, protected by the partial shade. Pretty sweet.