The Roof

The second thing I do in any new apartment, after getting the keys, is figure out how to get on the roof. I’ve never turned down the chance to get to get onto the roof of a building and I’ve never once been disappointed. In my younger days I never missed a chance to throw something off said roof. But those are tales for another day.

There’s something really liberating about being up there, slightly taller than the building you’re standing on, seeing for miles when just minutes before you could maybe see the end of the block.

I got lucky and got onto the roof terrace of one of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn. The pictures can’t possibly capture how awesome it was. The wind was strong enough to whisk the glasses right off your face, the city’s ambient hum was quieter than I expected. The Brooklyn Bridge you see there, was the tallest structure in North America when it was built. Further back, the new Freedom Tower has just become the tallest building in the city, eclipsing the Empire State.

I clung to my phone trying to snap these pictures. There were some rose bushes and boxwoods up there, hanging on for dear life. I don’t blame ‘em. Taking in the entire skyline of New York in one gulp, I kind felt like I was clinging on for dear life. “Wow, this is pretty amazing. Wanna go inside now?”