Manhattan School for Children Goes Bonkers with a Rooftop Greenhouse

When I’m feeling daunted by the thought of getting 25 bags of potting mix up 5 flights of stairs I try to remember that there are people doing… way… more… than me. Get a load of these three moms who (ready for this?), raised $800,000, pulled all the necessary permits, and had a massive rooftop greenhouse/lab installed on their school roof.

Photo via ChangeObserver

Inspiration for the lab/farm came from the Science Barge a floating, sustainable farm with zero runoff and zero emissions that drifted onto the scene to educate school kids here in New York City. The school rooftop farm is essentially the barge, on the roof. Simple right? Jesus Christ, peep the stats on this place:
• 1,420-square-foot hydroponic farm
• Can produce up to 8,000 pounds of fruit and vegetables
• Twinwall polycarbonate roof (I don’t know what this means but I’m impressed)
• Retractable heat blanket for thermal efficiency

I just want to see if I can grow lettuce.

Read all about it here, it’s bonkers.

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