Sweet Gowanus Patch

I cruised by a long-adored patch of sweet garden goodness by the Gowanus Canal today. It’s looking sharper than ever.

Just over the Union Street drawbridge, Kirstin Tobiasson’s garden thrives in a small sidewalk plot liberated from the concrete with rock bars and elbow grease.

Nine years deep, the garden was hatched with no prior gardening experience, according a the New York Times article, only a bit of motherly advice.

They say good gardens make use of contrast; there’s no better contrast to the smelly, polluted Gowanus Canal than nine foot tall sunflowers. It’s more than just a sight for sore eyes, it’s a weird counterpoint to the, ahem, dead seriousness of the nearby South Brooklyn Casket Company.

Its tough, sun-loving flowers, vines and various perennials hold down the block with their own kind of Brooklyn tenacity.

The sunflowers are insanely huge, roughly one third the diameter of the sun itself. They made my hands look puny. Read more here or go visit yourself.

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